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We provide Computer Repair services for the Myrtle Beach, SC area.

Browse the computer services we offer below.

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Very good service. Came to my home and he was very polite and knowledgeable. I will use again.
ebony green
ebony green
13:40 09 Jun 17
I called Everett because my computer was hi-jacked. He kicked them off of my computer and I've been calling him for all of my computer need since.read more
Dexter Wert
Dexter Wert
14:35 13 Jun 17
Didn't have to unhook my computer. Great service.
Clinton Naugle
Clinton Naugle
13:51 14 Jun 17
Great service... Keeps our computers running.
Teresa Garris
Teresa Garris
15:38 13 Jun 17
Everett is the absolute BEST! He provides great service and has extremely good prices. I have used several computer repair businesses in Florence and have never been satisfied with the service. Just walking through the door cost at least $125. Everett looks at the problem and then gives me a cost to repair. Amazingly simple. I appreciate the fact that if he sees something that needs to be done he does it - like backing up my data once he was able to get through all of the viruses on my personal computer. I call Everett for everything now - home and work. I am not a tech geek and do not understand the interworkings of a computer. Everett understands this and explains things to me on my level. I cannot express how much that means to me and that he does not try to take advantage of my lack of knowledge. Anyone who needs any kind of computer work should call him! He is truly the BEST!!!read more
Angela Watson
Angela Watson
12:45 13 Aug 15
I have been serviced by Everett IT Solutions & Computer Repair for over 5 years now. Everett and his lovely wife are truly gifted, professional and skilled people. They answer and respond in a most timely manner. Everett is trustworthy and very experienced in his work. While in my home he is always courteous but remains focused on the tasks at hand. He is excellent at multitasking: he works on multiple devices at the same time. He never wastes time, he stays busy working on my devices. He is very time consciences and his prices are fair. His advice and recommendations are always sound. I highly recommend him to friends and colleagues alike. I don't entrust my technology devices to anyone other that Everett. He has never failed to repair/diagnosis my electronic devices and he has never been unreasonable in price. If you ever have him service your equipment, you will never consider any other technologist for your repair/diagnostic needs. I truly appreciate the services and courtesy he and his lovely wife provide.Sharon S. BostonDarlington, SCread more
Sharon Boston
Sharon Boston
03:12 18 Jul 15

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Computer freezes? Unable to work?

We will get you back to work